"Art-Box" for Günther Uecker, Rostock

Design of an extension for artworks by artist Günther Uecker. The Kunsthalle Rostock was the first and only new building of an art museum in the GDR and is the largest exhibition house for contemporary art in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.14 artworks from the exhibition "Der geschundene Mensch", which was shown in Rostock in 2016, and others are to be on display in the "Kunst-Kasten". The pieces have been given to the Hanseatic city on permanent loan at the request of Günther Uecker. The objects were created as a reaction to the xenophobic events of 1992 in Lichtenhagen.

in collaboration with Niemann + Steege, Düsseldorf and Lohrberg Stadtlandschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart