Atelier, Überlingen

Award "Das Goldene Haus" and “Auszeichnung Guter Bauten"

“From the medieval castles that inspired Walts Disneyland palace, to the lush countryside and stunning scenery, the area around Lake Constance has long been a draw for well-to-do urbanities. While millions rely on it from drinking water, thousands of others prefer holyday there,bathing and basking along its shores.” 

wallpaper 8/2000

An artist studio is to be added onto a small rural home which was built at the turn of the century in Überlingen at Lake Constance. The building plan only allowed for a relatively small addition. The renovations were to take place quickly because the residents were still living in the house and caring for the garden. A cubic formed volume was constructed on the south east side and connected to the older structure. The building footage is utilized over three levels, whereby the artist studio takes a central role in the layout of the floor plan. On the exterior, the building structures exposes its calming and secretive character. From the interior of the new building into the older structure, the monolithic form devolves into structural elements. The addition is connected by a type metamorphoses to the old structure, without loosing ist individuality. Views between the old and new structures and the surrounding environment support the dynamic spacial concept. Copper sheeting covers the facade to prevent the feeling of massiveness. On the interior, wooded elements were used to promote a more dynamic, open character. In order to construct the building quickly, many of the elements were prefabricated and were put together in a matter of weeks at the building site.