Catholic Parish Church "Heilig-Geist", Ergenzingen

Awards: 1st prize competition

Architecture Master Prize

The Catholic parish Heilig-Geist in Rottenburg district Ergenzingen wanted to redesign the interior of their parish church and thereby update the building technology. The church corresponds to the spirit of the 60s: it was built with the materials and technology of that time. Even if the rough aesthetics of the concrete are still getting used to for many: the church of the architects Eugen and Rainer Zinsmeister in the type of tent church is very special. In our design concept, we placed the place of the parish as the "island" in the center of the room, supplemented by other liturgical places, the "altar island", the baptismal area and the "meeting place". Compared to the rich-rich materials of the stock, the new elements are monolithic in white. This color defines the presence of Christ. The clear contrast defines the liturgical "islands" precisely and divides the expansive space.

Lighting design: Dinnebier Licht Energy concept: Transsolar Art: Herbert Lankl Photos: Valentin Wormbs