Celtic Museum, Glauberg

in the year 5 bc glauberg, on the eastern edge of the wetterau plain, was a celtic settlement whose importance extended across the region and beyond. between 1994 and 1997 archaeological digs uncovered two richly-appointed burial sites containing valuable burial objects and the fragments of several statues. the discovery of a two metre high sandstone statue of a celtic prince constituted a real sensation. close to the sites, a celtic museum is to be built so that these exceptional finds can be put on display to the public in their entirety.

the purpose of the competition was to design a new museum building with a floorspace of 1,275 square metres and create an archaeological garden adjacent to the museum. the  approximately 19,000 square metre construction site is in a protected landscape in close proximity to the reconstructed burial sites. the aim of the competition was to acquire an distinctive, contemporary and well-designed new museum building for this notable site.