Daycare Centre, Velten-Süd

2nd prize realisation competition

with Lysann Schmidt, landscape architect, Transsolar Energyplaner.

This competition entry proposes a functional, single-storey day-care centre, which in its form and positioning is seen as a continuation of the existing educational facilities along Hermann-Aurel-Zieger-Strasse. To integrate it into the urban and landscape context, mainly site-specific elements are used that have a connection to clay mining and kiln production.

The site is located in the centre of the large housing estate "Velten Süd", directly on the east-west development axis that connects the neighbourhood with a pine grove in the west and allotments in the east. However, the main connection between the historic centre and Velten South is the north-facing Nauener Straße, around which another residential quarter will develop in the future. In order to orient the development of the day care centre towards Nauener Straße, the building was placed in the west of the site and its main entrance aligned with a new neighbourhood square with a connection to the neighbouring sports hall. In the course of this, a public nature playground was created on the eastern plot, which can be used by both the daycare centre and all other children in the neighbourhood for imaginative play and building in nature. The path between the daycare centre and the nature playground also connects the residential buildings in the north with the citizens' park and skate park. The future redesign and upgrading of Hermann-Aurel-Zieger-Strasse could replace some parking spaces with new groups of trees to create a link to the pine grove and connect the footpaths to the path system in the grove. In the verge between the street and the day-care centre, the kiss-and-go zone is located near the main entrance to allow for easy "dropping off" of the children.