Gymnasium, Garching

Text from the awarding panel:

The attractively understated yet substantially sized structure is oriented towards the alignment of the sports field. As a result of this orientation the entrance side is somewhat averted, and access is diminished. It would have made more sense to create an access alongside the running track which forms the perimeter towards the town centre. The parking spaces appear schematic and the greenery seems random. The overflow parking area does not form a suitable foreground and is also sited across the main access route.  All in all, there nothing particularly significant in the design of the outdoor areas. The two beach volleyball courts are too far away from the hall and the changing rooms. The location of the driveway which runs between the hall and the sports field to the clubhouses at the rear is not acceptable. The entrance area to the hall is spacious and well laid out, and the routes inside the building are easy to understand due to the clear structure inside. The view down onto the running track is an interesting plus. The access to the changing facilities in the basement also benefits from the installation of the skylights in this area. Sightlines into the gym and warm-up room need to be blocked in order to prevent undesired observation. The conciseness of the building‘s structure and its clear lines continue nicely in the choice of materials. A simple yet cleverly designed framework of glulam beams spans the hall and the adjoining area. The beams are set closely together and this precludes any dazzle coming from the numerous skylights. In combination with the glazing on the north-east side an evenly balanced light is created. In order to achieve the optimum sound insulation there should be some additional partition walls. The necessary emergency escape routes from the sub-halls are not shown. To comply with fire regulations the beams in the hall need to have a larger cross-section. The compactness of the structure and the simplicity of the design suggest that it will be economical to build. The proposed flat roof does represent an increased expense in the maintenance budget. In keeping with the compactness of the building, the area to be covered is relatively small.

Despite the weaknesses of the outside facilities and access, the project is persuasive on the grounds of the simplicity and clarity of the building and functional structure.