Gymnasium Rossäcker, Weinsberg

Awards: 1. price competition and "Auszeichnung Guter Bauten"

the contrast could not be stronger: the existing sports hall built in the 70’s is joined by a neighbouring new building of glass and steel. instead of mimicking, the architects decided to work with transparency. before entering the hall one receives, through the two strong continuous bands of glass in the facade, a view of the sporting activities inside. a bottom band of insulation glass without window openings sits under a second vertically structured continuous band consisting of industrial glass panels with transparent insulation. the heavy concrete plinth creates a visual link to the existing sports hall and can only be seen when approaching the building from the north. the roof and the lightweight lattice girder are constructed with simple steel elements. the supply of fresh air has also been thought of: a 70 meter earth pipe was developed by transsolar for the fresh air supply. a third of the sports hall has been set into the earth which lends the new building a humble quality when approaching the main entrance from above. the common entrance hall and foyer sitting between the old and the new building opens on to a planted courtyard with a view of the castle weinsberg. on entering the spectators level one is impressed by the assured choice of materials:

concrete and translucent glass, combined with the siberian larch plinth and ceiling, creates a bright and friendly atmosphere.