House 1 University of Wismar, Wismar

The purpose of the competition was to design a multi-functional foyer for Building 1, in which events and exhibitions can be held. There was to be an emphasis on the representative character of the reception area as a central meeting place for students and visitors to the campus, and there needed to be room for a cafeteria. Issues of fire safety, sustainable ecological building and accessibility were to be given the same consideration as the commercial viability and practicability of the design submitted. In the view of the judging panel the entry was persuasive „in its clear, matter-of-fact formal language. The quality of the design lies in the succinct suggestion of a staircase“. They continue: „A structure containing the cafeteria gives the impression of having been inserted, and reinforces the effect of the whole, of being part of a whole. It forms a connective link between inside and outside.“