Hypobank, Prague


an urban planning competition with a bid for realisation was launched for an office and administration building for the hypo bank in prague. as the construction site is on republic square a building of excellent architectural quality was required, to blend in with the landscape of the city. the planning situation in the city is the reason for the triangular ground plan of the bank. within this geometrical shape there is the customer area with all the public functions. floors one to four are designed for use by various departments of the bank. on the fifth floor there are the conference rooms. a wide glass façade lets indirect daylight into the hall. on the upper levels there is accommodation for the building society. the shape of this part of the building clearly differentiates it from the main bank and creates a striking conclusion to the building. the area adjoining the building next door is glazed over and does not touch the firewall (windows); this is where the meetings rooms are located, and also the access points.