Lorry Tollbooth, Austria

This project is for a professional competition for the planning of a standard design of a tollbooth for lorries in Austria. The programme consisted of several tollbooths with lightweight roofs, acoustic walls and a service building. The tollbooths will be constructed in connexion with the planned introduction of road charges for the Austrian motorways and fast roads. A prototype of a so-called main tollbooth and a subsidiary tollbooth were to be developed, to be placed in 72 different locations in all provinces. The main idea for the design is a classical modern modular system,which can be adjusted to every architectural and social requirement. In this way local and ecological conditions can be catered for. Industrial construction elements gain general approval through quality of concept and design. Through the design of the modular system, the transport to the various construction sites will be made easier and the erection considerably simplified. Compatibility with all desired tollbooth sizes (main and subsidiary) is thus possible.