Penthouse, Stuttgart-West

The west of Stuttgart is one of the densest built-up parts of Europe. Apartments are very scarce, every corner is therefore used as living space. An old, two-storey coach house in a backyard offered the possibility of a roof construction. This expansion brings completely new qualities into the existing situation: a panoramic view of the neighborhood, lots of natural light, roof surfaces that can be used as a garden or outdoor areas - a quiet retreat for the residents in the hustle and bustle of the city. The residents use this place like a house in the countryside. The sleeping and working rooms are located in the two levels below, a staircase leads the residents into a "different world". The construction, a simple box, had to be carried out during operation in the tight urban situation. In this respect, a light, prefabricated timber construction offered, it was simply put on the massive brick building. The wooden structure was clad with black, corrugated fiber cement boards, wooden sliding elements with planar glass cladding were used. The neutral, white-painted interior gets accentuated by the color accents: floor and stairs are blue, in the lounge-like seating dominate natural colors. The building was designed as a low budget construction.

Photos: Valentin Wormbs